2015 MSc: Study and Design of an Epidural Anaesthesia Simulator

Title: Study and Design of a Epidural Anaesthesia Simulator

Keywords: Haptics, Hands-on Training, Simulation, Anaesthetics, Medical Robotics

Student: Pierre-Jean ALES-ROUX

Supervised with: Richard MOREAU

Research project: PERISIM

Period: Feb to July 2015

Financed by IDEFI SAMSEI

Pierre-Jean Alès Roux, Nicolas Herzig, Arnaud Lelevé, Richard Moreau, Christian Bauer. 3D Haptic Rendering of Tissues for Epidural Needle Insertion using an Electro-Pneumatic 7 Degrees of Freedom Device. Oct 2016, Daejeon, South Korea. IEEE, 2016, Proc. of the IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems.. hal-01340723